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These plans are too good to be true! What's the catch?


There is no catch. We've teamed up with two of the largest MVNO's in the country to provide you with the least expensive, most reliable cellular service possible. Enjoy the savings!


What is CDMA and GSM, and which plans work with my phone?


CDMA and GSM are two wireless technologies used by cellular providers across the country. If you brought your phone over from AT&T or T-Mobile, you likely have a GSM phone, while if you came from Verizon or Sprint, you most likely have a CDMA phone. Another quick way to identify a GSM phone is by removing the battery and looking for a small SIM card slot against the back of the phone. Through the process of activation you would have been told which phone type you have, however if you forget you can always stop by and ask us again - we are more than happy to explain the difference. 

How can I check my remaining plan balance?


If you have a CDMA plan, simply text: BAL to: You should receive a text message with balance information promptly. If you have a GSM plan, stop by our store or give us a call at (406) 830-3394 and we can quickly give you your remaining balance. 

My phone ran out of minutes/texts! How can I refill my plan?


It's easy! We have three convenient ways to refill: Stop by our store, call us at (406) 830-3394, or pay though our online portal through this website.

You can also setup autopay with us in store for worry free monthly renewls.  


Can I load multiple PINs on my account before the renewal date?


Yes, you can load multiple PINs on your account before the renewal date. Your PINs will be considered ‘stacked’. They will sit in a reserved state until they are needed and will be used in a first-in, first-out basis when renewing the plan each month. Note that this applies to stacking PINs for renewing the same plan as you are currently on. Please be aware that if you upgrade to a higher plan than what you are currently on, this is considered an upgrade, and applying a PIN for a higher plan will switch your account to the higher plan immediately, rather than stacking on the account. For more information about switching plans, please call or email us.


What kind of phones can i use with this service?


We recommend using unlocked CDMA phones.  If you have any questions about what phones to use or if your phone is compatible please call or email us.





We are often asked the same questions by new customers. Most are regarding cellular plans, our services, and handsets in general. We have attempted to bring together most of these, as well as some we think are important. If you don't see your question listed below, feel free to ask!

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